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Chegg Free Answers | How To Unblur Chegg Answers for free in 2022

Be the first to unblur Chegg Free Answers follow the below simple steps to achieve it, read the full article so that you can easily get the Chegg answers for free.

Day by Day students are getting frustrated by solving their homework at home as sometimes they faced some difficulties for which they may not find the solution to their question because of it free Chegg answers evolved.

Here we will not waste the valuable time of our users, let’s come to the point before you know a little more about Chegg answers let’s know what exactly Chegg is?

What & Why Chegg?

People might confuse after listening to the name Chegg what is it? Now the answer is very clear Chegg is nothing but an e-learning platform where you can showcase your question publicly to get them answered by a reputed Chegg expert.

To prevent the difficulties being faced by the students Chegg comes in to picture, Even in the lockdown Chegg supports a lot of its users by answering the hardest question by its expert and brilliant tutors, digital service, and online tutoring.

Not only this, but Chegg also provides a good scholarship to their eligible students to attract its users and even provides a free internship program to understand the behavior of Chegg.

Chegg is always trying their level best to brighter the student’s future which really they deserve, Since 2005 Chegg keeps trying to lighten them.

If you are looking for any type of solution like physics, chemistry, math, botany, zoology, computer, program, for almost everything Chegg has an answer.

This is not the end Chegg also doing a great job by renting the textbook solution and coursebook at a minimal price that you can afford without paying the full book price.

It also has a comprehensive program like career guidance, job search, and self-development which will assist the individual in their career growth towards a bright future.

Chegg has insights into all types of govt/Pvt exam queries like the date of examination, date to apply and the date of result declaration with complete details that how to apply for the job.

The entrance exam plays a very important role to fulfill the college sheets for a specific course in various fields, To qualify for the exam an individual must thoroughly understand the basics. If still, you have a few doubts you can clear them with the help of Chegg.

The main intention behind the exam is to judge the student’s capability if he/she deserves that, The exam has both descriptive and objective patterns to stress the individual.

Note that Chegg is not free whatever the services Chegg is giving that all are prepaid services to avail of this you need to pay an amount of $19.95 per month.

So in this way, Chegg does great work to educate their students And make their life simple and hassle-free from hurdles.

How To Get Chegg Answers For Free?

Are you guys thirsty to grab free Chegg answers? Now, this comes up with the end, here you find a few tactical methods to snatch this out.

1. Chegg Math Solver

get free chegg answers by chegg math solver

Using a math solver you can easily unblur the Chegg answers 3 solutions per day but the question is how? Here you would know how to achieve this.

  • First of all, you need to open the official website of Chegg math solver from Here
unblur chegg answers by math solver
  • Then Enter your math expression
  • Now press on the orange GO button
  • Now your answer will be displayed

There are a few questions types like Pre Algebra, Algebra, Pre Calculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Determinates, Polynomials, Matrix, etc, these can be answered by the above method.


Ans:  λ2

2. Chegg Free Trail

By using the Chegg trail method you can avail yourself 1-month free Chegg premium membership which will let you unblur the Chegg answers for free. Whatever the query you have inside your mind which blocks you to complete the homework, you can ask on this platform to quickly get the answer.

Chegg’s free trial is of 30 days period, During this time frame, you can clear all your doubt since it does not have a limit to asking the question or to unblur.

In the interim, if find this useful you can easily terminate your membership as well as you can continue the plan by paying the exact amount of $19.95 for the next month.

If you want also you can communicate with one of the tutors or experts to minimize your queries, Even you can take a textbook solution but it should be paid, you have to pay a fixed amount for rent or buy.

Now the question is How to use Chegg free trial to get Chegg free answers?

  • Open the Official Chegg site Here
chegg free answers by chegg trail method
  • Now Register by filling in your details there
  • Verify your email to log in to Chegg
  • Must choose the student option from the registration page and select your college/school
  • Now on the right top profile image click my account section
  • Now Add a Paypal/Add a Card from the payment method section
  • Once added you are eligible to use the trail for free

Note: This will not let you charge, Only for security they are asking. It will be charged from the next month onwards if you are failed to terminate the membership.

3. Chegg Free Answers By Trickswire

As we respect our readers, so we came up with an option to provide Chegg answers for free by a form submit method from tricks wire. To avoid these features you need to fill in all your details like the Chegg question link and email so that we will evaluate your question and send them to your corresponding email.

How we are getting the answer? The answer is so simple we have our own premium account with Chegg so we can easily unblur them and give it back to you with expert answers.

We always recommend you to get the membership from Chegg if you don’t have money with you then you can try trickswire free method.

Below is the form you need to fillup the Chegg question details to get the answers for free.

(Recommended Method)

Note: To make your entry as a valid entry make sure you clicked the below banner before submit your chegg question.

87,398+ Questions has been Answered(As On 01 October 2022)

Status : 🟢 Online! ( 155 Questions in Queue )

4. Surveytime

By using the website also you can get free Chegg answers, This is basically a survey task site where you need to do the task and after that immediately they will reward you with $1 to your registered Paypal id.

Once you have done 10-12 surveys on their portal you will receive $12 to your Paypal id successfully. So you can use them freely to get a Chegg premium account.

chegg free accounts by using surveytime

How To Open Account in Surveytime?

  • Open the survey time website from Here
  • Then give your registered PayPal email id and mobile number to register
  • then do the survey
  • receive the dollar to your PayPal account

This way on completion of the survey you will quickly receive the amount to your Paypal which you can reinvest to purchase a Chegg premium account. Like this, it will help you to get a free Chegg account.

5. Joining Groups(Telegram/Reddit)

There is another option to get it for free like to join the public group where you can ask your Chegg question and get the answer for free, Even sometimes they are giving some free accounts as part of a giveaway which you can take the advantage.

Once you joined this above telegram channel, be there as a joined since they are conducting some times few lucky draw to give one account which will let you to unblur Chegg answers

Even you can also use the Reddit group to get the Chegg answers for free, To proceed with Reddit you need to open one account with them which is completely free.

  • Open the official website Reddit
chegg free answers by reddit
  • Click on register
  • Fill in the details to signup for an account
  • Now verify email
  • Login to Reddit
  • Search for CheggAnswer
  • Now search for CheggAnswers then join the group
  • Now ask any of your Chegg doubts with the link
  • Your question will be answered shortly.

Also, get a free Chegg account by tricks wire which already has such benefits without paying for a single penny click below button to get a Chegg premium account.

Merits & Demerits Of Chegg Free Answers

Like every coin has its own tail and head, everything has its own merits and demerits, Although Chegg is doing a great job to educate the whole world at a certain point we have found a few demerits and merits for Chegg we have listed out below.


  • Unblur your Chegg question
  • Get a Free Consultation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Talk to a Chegg expert
  • Question Answer in 15 Minutes
  • Study help
  • Free textbook Solution
  • Practice test
  • Video Explanation


  • Costly Membership Plan
  • Not Weekly Plan
  • Dont Have Free Support
  • Dont have an internet banking payment method
  • Wallet payment method not visible
  • Dont provide Tutor/expert number
  • Dont have an android app

Chegg Replacements

Still if are getting bored by searching Chegg then nothing like that only Chegg is there to help you out, Even you can visit a few more sites which are also providing the same things these are called Chegg alternatives or replacements to Chegg by trickswire.

What we have listed below that not only help you with your Chegg question but also give you many free benefits which you may deserve.


By using this also you can get your Chegg answers for free, This is also a E-leaning platform which does the same works what chegg do. For complete information about course hero you can refer our post-free coursehero answers.


There is another site called quiz plus which also collecting the questions from the students and providing them a very good easy answer. This will also help you to achieve your homework goal uninterruptedly.

This site is giving 5 free answers to your question for many different courses, You can easily search them inside their search bar and get the 3 free answers for sure, for more you need to register which is also free, and then you will get 2 more unlocks so that you can use them.


Our Happy Readers!

“Trickswire doing amazing jobs to get the free chegg answers for free really I thankful to them for providing such social service for free.”​

Chetan Srinivas

“At first I thought trickswire is fake but after I got the reply with my answer then I start trusting them, as soon as I post i get the answer within 2 -3 hours really great , thank trickswire.”​

Prerna Kashyap

“The submit form really works like a 6 in cricket if you are having any doubt please fill the form then submit the form with details for sure you will receive the answer.”​

Amogh Khatti

Final Thoughts

This is all about the chegg free answers , here on the above article we have thoroughly go through the methods by using you can avail the premium membership and some tricky approach that how you can unblur the chegg answers for free.

Hope this will help you to great extend in your homework life career, This will also push towards to a successful future. If you are satisfied or any question in your mind you can ask them below so that we will resolve your query according to your satisfaction.

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